Right now there is a great focus on my own noise projects which you should check out, namely solo as Feuersalamander auf Marzipan aswell as my two-man-band Fall Into Dry Lungs

Some new label related things are in the making aswell, always be up to date on anything by following my twitter & instagram


Thus far i have (co-)released the following:

DLR001 | Merzbow (.jp) & Balázs Pándi (.hu) - Live At Fluc Wanne, Vienna, 2010/05/18 LP
MDMA001 | Bruital Orgasme (.be) - Untitled 7" *LAST*COPiES*
DLR002 | Justice Yeldham (.au) - Untitled Picture 12" *LAST*COPiES*
MDMA002 | Raven (.rs) - A Comprehensive Guide To Dismantling The Weapons Of Mass Destruction 7" *LAST*COPiES*
MDMA003 | Otomo Yoshihide (.jp) & Lasse Marhaug (.no) - Super Single 7"
MDMA004 | Solypsis (.us) - To Know Death... You Have To Fuck Life In The Gallbladder 7"
MDMA005 | Sissy Spacek (.us) - Snell b/w Weather 7"
MDMA006 | Venta Protesix (.it) - Futanari Princess 7"
MDMA007 | KK Null (.jp) ‎– Machine In The Ghost 7" *NEWEST* (MAR 2016)

New eco-friendly DRY LUNGS ASCii LOGO Shirts for sale, finally in both black on white & white on black!
Also the very last few pieces of the old black on white B&C T-Shirts & Tanktops available, please ask if your size is still there!

Only 10€ per LP, 5€ per EP and 10€ per Shirt/Tanktop if you buy directly from me!

About The Label/Mailorder

Noisecore, Grindcore and Vinyl are 3 of the most beloved things in my life.
So it only came natural to start a diy vinyl only noise/grind label to try and support the (local) scene!

Started out with the idea to do only "live in vienna" lps on 180g wax with highest possible quality!
After releasing Merzbow & Balazs Pandi LP the austrian post office changed prices so that shipping any 12" is 14€ inside .eu and up to 20€ (shipping alone!) for the rest of the world.
Thats why i had to switch into releasing 7" only now... which is at least a good thing since one can afford way more ep releases and can help underground artists to be heard!

I decided to start a small mailorder so one can chose from a handful of things to "save on postage" and not just dry lungs releases, which also helped expanding my private collection immensly.
All the stuff is sold at basic costs, i do not overcharge shipping or add any fees whatsoever, all the money is used exclusively for label activities!
The non-7" stuff usually is made up from doubles of my collection and unwanted 2nd hand stuff!

Decided the best way to start a nice stock to choose from is to ask friends from other labels for their new grind/noise 7inchers on release, thus far i aim to offer new releases from:
Bones Brigade (.fr), Fourth Dimension Records / Lumberton Trading Company (.pl), Freak Animal Records (.fi), Hirntrust Grind Media (.at) & Quasi Pop Records (.ua)

Will try to also keep some of my favourite artists hard to get / fastly outselling eps in here by ordering multiple copies along when ordering for my private collection.
If the prices are high like for that agoraphobic nosebleed flexi, i was prolly fucked by the customs and had to pay a lot of import taxes.

Trade offers are also always welcome but usually the postage costs make trading really exhausting... :(

Open for submissions of underground noise, co-releases with other labels only tho, please dont expect me to release a 7" with you on my own unless i contacted you!


Please check out my Discogs Sales List and contact me at christoph@drylungs.at if you are interested in something (or order directly via discogs of course).


For shipping a 7" parcel (up to 0,5kg/~2eps with bubblewrap or 3eps without, no insurance / tracking code):

Austria: 3€
Europe: 4€
World: 7€

(if you want it priority, insured or with a tracking code add 1€ each)

With a more than sad heart i present to you the insane prices for shipping a 12" parcel (up to 2kg/3LPs, or 4LPs without bubblerwap, incl. "free" tracking code):

Austria: 5€
Europe: 10€ (special way of shipping i can do only inside the eu without insurance or tracking code, if you want it delivered as a parcel that would be 14€)
USA / North Africa: 16€
South America / South Africa / Asia: 18€
Australia / Oceania: 20€

If you only order tapes, cds or shirts please ask for exact shipping beforehand.

Feel free to use this form to complain about their prices/service.

Abholung in Wien gerne möglich!

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